Fun On Wheels

-Bus Wheels, That Is

For sightseers and anyone who just enjoys having a good time, have you ever thought about bus travel?  It saves fuel and offers all the pleasures of the open road.

You know the saying, “Virginia is for lovers,” meant to promote bus travel in the Mother of States.  For charter bus rental, Virginia is definitely for lovers of convenience.  Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Monticello and Charlottesville, Mount Vernon, Shenandoah Park and Skyline Drive, Arlington National Cemetery, Jamestown and Yorktown, Richmond, and Busch Gardens all await you and your friends, family, or tour group, on trips you’ll take in maximum comfort.

Or maybe it’s not just a trip you’re after.  A bus is also a great place to throw a party.  What if you’re going to a concert and want to get in the mood before you arrive?  A party bus is ideal.  Think about your bachelor party or your bridal shower if you’re getting married.  A birthday party or anniversary party is another great idea.  And if your family or charter group is riding to an event at a destination, a bus is great for starting the celebration or getting in the spirit of the event while you’re on the road.  Bus trips are excellent for event transportation.  Bring the guests, the music, and the drinks, and you’ll be on your way. 

charter bus rental, Virginia

Limo buses provide promise a smooth ride with courteous service.  There’s nothing for you to do but enjoy the trip and the company and have fun.  You don’t need to worry about choosing a designated driver when there’s a driver in charge of getting everyone there and back.  You don’t even need to stop partying between clubs and bars, with everything you need right there while you’re on the move.  Book a charter bus for sightseeing or celebrating and the good times will definitely roll.