Reasons Why Ribbon Mixers are Still Used

There are a number of different industries that need to mix different ingredients in order to produce their products.  While there are different sorts of mixers out there, the ribbon mixer has been the standard for decades.

Here are a few reasons why these older mixers are still used to this day.

A History of Trust

ribbon blenders

The different industries that use ribbon blenders have been doing so for a very long time, and they’ve learned to completely trust this piece of machinery.  While there are newer technologies becoming available, why should you fix something that is not broken?

Because companies have been using these machines for so long, many of them simply do not see any reason for a change.

Low Purchase Cost and Maintenance

There are more advanced blenders out there that might actually be slightly more efficient, but because they require more up front and maintenance costs, many companies simply want to stick with what they know to work and be cost-effective.

Most newer types of blenders will cost a lot more money and require more regular maintenance.

Fewer Training Costs

Most people who have worked in an industry that does mixing have used ribbon mixers before.  Because of this, many companies find that they do not have to spend as many resources training their newer employees.

Because most employees come into the company already having experience with these types of blenders, there is a lot of money to be saved on training.  With newer blenders, you will likely have to train even the more experienced employees how to use them.

For these reasons, and many more, these blenders have been and continue to be the industry standard.  One day, a different type of blender might take over, but that day hasn’t come yet.